Asiana Virtual Airlines

"Fly Beautiful, Fly Asiana"

We want to give Infinite Flight Community and it's pilots an opportunity to explore new regions and fly to cities across the globe, such as, Singapore, London Heathrow, San Francisco, just to name a few from our hubs in South Korea. We try our best every day to give you the best possible VA experience here at Asiana Virtual Airlines. Asiana VA has over 200 routes to choose from Asiana, our subsidiaries of Air Busan and Air Seoul as well as a main fleet of 8 different aircraft types, including cargo operations!


"Highly sophisticated systems... exceeding expectations."

Connecting cities across the globe, such as, Los Angeles, Tokyo, Hanoi, Paris, and more...

A fleet with the aircraft you want to fly 
And... Ranks! More aircraft in less time. You'll get to the ultra-long-haul routes in no time!

Please complete this form and test to apply. This test will go over basic procedures based on Infinite Flight's tutorials and should be fairly simple. 

What to expect:

- A simple, easy, & quick application

Application Form: Asiana VA Pilot Application Form

For Staff Openings, reach out to us on the Infinite Flight community @AsianaVA, by email, or on Instagram.

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