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Asiana Virtual strives to offer some of the best experiences in the Infinite Flight Community. We strive to offer our pilots an opportunity to explore new cities, regions, and the opportunity to fly globally to places such as Singapore, London Heathrow, and San Francisco.  Asiana Virtual has over 200 routes to choose from, our subsidiaries of Air Busan, Air Seoul, and our main fleet of 8 different aircraft types, including cargo operations! Furthermore, Asiana Virtual has numerous codeshare agreements with a multitude of different virtual airlines. We hope that you thoroughly enjoy your time with us, see you in the skies!

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Connecting cities across the globe, such as, Los Angeles, Tokyo, Hanoi, Paris, and more...

Here at Asiana Virtual we have a wide selection of aircraft available in our fleet. Aircraft range from as small as the A320, to as large as the A380! We also have a rank-up and gemstone program to encourage our pilots to fly a variety of different aircraft to a variety of different destinations. When a pilot first joins our Virtual Airline, they start as an apprentice, and eventually can make their way up to chief captain!

Ranks & Awards

A320-200 (Generic), A321-100, A330-300 (Generic), B767-300 (Generic), B777-200ER, A350-900, B747-400, A380-800

Apprentice: 0 - 10 hours, Second Officer: 11 - 24 hours,

 First Officer: 25 - 74 hours, 

Captain & Jade gemstone: 75 - 124 hours,

 Chief Captain & Diamond Gemstone: 125 - 199 hours, Amythest Gemstone: 200+ hours

Please complete this form and test to apply. This test will go over basic procedures based on Infinite Flight's tutorials and should be fairly simple. 

What to expect:

- A simple, easy, & quick application

Application Form: Asiana VA Pilot Application Form

For Staff Openings, reach out to us on the Infinite Flight community @AsianaVA, by email, or on Instagram.

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